Upcoming Event

Our next event:

Homelessness: Who Pays?” 

Our speaker will be Julie McDermid, Project Manager of the LaCrosse Collaborative to End Homelessness.

SPECIAL LOCATIONNorthside Community Church, 1300 Caledonia Street, LaCrosse

April 25th from 6-8pm 

A light supper will be provided

Register now to attend by completing the e mail form at the bottom of this page.

Past Be Topics and Speakers:

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? What does it mean to be a good citizen?”

  •   Speaker: Tom Thibodeau

“Fake News!  Do We Really Want to Know the Truth?”

  •  Speaker:  Scott Rada

“Healthcare is Broken. What’s its Future?”

  • Speaker: Bud Hammes

“Does Religion Matter? Faith, Values, and Action.”

  • Speaker: John McHugh

“We The People. A Way Forward For a Divided Nation”

  • Speaker: Sam Scinta

“What is Truth?”

  • Speaker: Mark Barber

“Is the God of Islam the Same as the God of Christianity and Judaism?”

  • Speaker: Richard Kyte

Why I helped create .Be.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

.be. desires to provide a place for all people to enter into authentic conversations of the head and heart and to seek common ground with other.

Our Vision

.be. desires to create and nurture a culture of relationship and community building.

.be Values

Storytelling – Human stories, rather than just opinions.
Listening – Practicing presence with ourselves and others.
Bridge-building – Honoring the human spirit within each person.
Welcoming the stranger – Exercising inclusivity and non-judgement. Networking with service and faith organizations.

.be Ground Rules

.be. present.  (Put Devices Away)

.be. aware that you are part of a group  (allow all voices to be heard)

.be. respectful of others stories (all lived experience is valuable)

.be.empathetic and compassionate (put yourself in another’s shoes)

.be. curious (respond with questions when appropriate)

.be. nonjudgmental (put aside judging and labeling)